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1300 Numbers Are A cost effective, POWERFUL business MARKETING TOOL

1300 Numbers Australia are specialists in selling and managing free 1300 numbers and premium 1300 numbers for Australian businesses.

1300 numbers cost from $14 per month plus usage. Every business in Australia, large or small, will benefit from having a 1300 number.

  • From $14 per month (plus usage)
  • Boost sales calls
  • Advertise your 1300 number
  • Measure different marketing campaigns
  • 1300 call analytics & reporting
  • Your number stays the same even when you move offices


1300 Numbers for Australian Businesses

1300 Numbers for Local Businesses and Tradespeople

For Local Businesses and Tradespeople

  • Maximise the enquiries from your advertising and marketing.
  • Widen the catchment area of your business operation.
  • Reduce the perception that you may be a small or one-person business.
  • Project the image of a large business with the ability to provide great service.
  • Stop appearing to be just a local business using your home phone or mobile phone number.
  • Reduce potential loss of business due to callers looking at the prefix of local phone numbers and choosing who they call based on the number.
  • Increase the number of calls you receive: potential customers are more likely to call 1300 inbound numbers than your mobile, particularly the older generation.
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For Home Operated Businesses

  • Work from home while having the image of a substantial national business.
  • Keep your home phone number private and use your dedicated 1300 phone number.
  • Easily identify which calls are private and which are business.
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1300 Numbers for Home Operated Businesses
1300 Numbers for For Online and Web Based Businesses

For Online & Web Based Businesses

  • Add to your credibility and reduces consumer concerns about dealing with you.
  • Keep your home phone number private and use your dedicated 1300 number.
  • Consumers prefer to deal with businesses that they can actually call.
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For Manufacturers & Wholesalers

  • Grow your business across Australia.
  • Promote the image of a national business.
  • Shows potential customers around the country that you want to do business with them.
  • Make it easy for your distributor customers to place orders with you.
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1300 Numbers for Manufacturers and Wholesalers
1300 Numbers for Serious Marketers

For Serious Marketers

  • Track your advertising response by incorporating a different number in each of your ads, websites/webpages and campaigns.
  • Our online reporting gives you the information you need to analyse calls to your 1300 number to see which of your advertisements are working best.
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For Professionals and Big Business

  • Most big companies already know the value of 1300 numbers and often have many of them.
  • We carry 1300 numbers for many large companies.
  • If you are a professional or involved in the management of a large company and want to reduce your expenses, you can easily transfer existing 1300 numbers to us for billing.
  • 1300 number call forwarding …

1300 Numbers for Professionals And Big Business