1300 Numbers Availability

You’ve heard that 1300 Numbers are good for business, and you’re noticing that more and more of your competitors are using them.

It’s time for you to join the movement and get a 1300 Number for YOUR business.

But what’s involved? And how do you choose the right number for your business?

Two Ways to Get 1300 Numbers

There are two types of 1300 Numbers, each of which you obtain in a different way:

  • Smartnumbers® are controlled by the Australian government and are available through the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority).
  • Normal Issue Numbers are available from many of Australia’s business telcos.

Finding a Smartnumber

These numbers spell words or contain patterns that make them easy to remember. You get smartnumbers through Australian government auctions.

You can see a list of all available numbers on the www.thenumberingsystem.com.au web site. If you see a number there you want for your business:

  1. Register so that you can purchase the rights of use for your preferred smartnumber on their website (a once-off charge of $42 applies).
  2. Choose your preferred smartnumber, review your order and pay for the rights of use to that number (most prices start at $250).
  3. Once you’ve received your paperwork from ACMA, contact us to get your new smartnumber connected.

Finding a Normal Issue Number

These numbers are a great alternative if the smartnumber you want isn’t available or if you’re looking for a less expensive solution.

Even though the ACMA has deemed that these numbers aren’t as “smart” as the others, there are still plenty of great numbers available.

We search through the available Normal Issue 1300 Numbers each day, and reserve those with patterns and repeating digits for the exclusive use of our customers.

  • Platinum
    These are the best numbers we find (many of which we’re surprised weren’t snapped up as smartnumbers!). Platinum numbers contain strong patterns so they are very easy to remember. We charge a one-off charge of $99 for Platinum 1300 Numbers.
  • Gold
    These are strong patterned numbers that are easy to remember, but they’re not quite as good as our Platinum ones. We charge a one-off charge of $49 for Gold 1300 Numbers.
  • Phone/Fax Sets
    When we find two numbers that are almost the same (often with just one digit different), we pair them together for people who are looking for a matched set for their phone and fax numbers. We charge a one-off charge of $49 for Phone/Fax Set 1300 Numbers.
  • Free
    And the rest of the numbers we offer are free. Many of them are still memorable with repeated digits—they’re just not quite as good as those in the categories above.

If you see a number you like on our web site, contact us and we’ll get it connected for you. Good numbers tend to be snapped up quickly, so don’t miss out!

Differences between Smartnumber and Normal Issue Numbers

In addition to the cost and way in which you obtain your numbers, there are a few other differences you should be aware of.

  Normal Issue Smartnumber
How quickly does it need to be connected? Immediately after obtaining from telco Can keep disconnected for 3 years after purchase
If I disconnect (stop using) the number, is it still mine? No, disconnected numbers get returned to the Normal Issue Number pool Yes, as long as you reconnect it within 3 years
Will I receive any refund if I no longer want to use my number? No No
Can I sell my number to someone else? No Yes
Can I lease my number to someone else? No Yes

If you want to learn more about Smartnumbers, we recommend that you check out the FAQs on the Smartnumbers web site.

If you want to learn more about Normal Issue Numbers, give us a call on 1300 50 10 50. Our customer service team will help you choose the number that’s right for your business.