How much do 1300 numbers cost?

1300 numbers cost extremely affordable considering its flexibility, portability, and ability to boost your business image. Call charges for 1300 numbers are shared between callers and the account holder (business).

For businesses, the cost of 1300 numbers can be categorised into three—the cost of getting a 1300 number (free to above $250), a once-off setup cost ($30), and charges based on your 1300 number call plan.

Plans for 1300 numbers start at $14 per month. Select plans include free local minutes, up to unlimited local to landline calls. Local, national, and mobile rates vary depending on your selected 1300 number call plan.

How much does it cost to call a 1300 number?

The cost of calls to a 1300 number depends on three things; the type of phone used to make the call, the caller’s phone service provider, and their current call plan.

Coming from any landline in Australia, the caller is charged the cost of a standard local call. This is why 1300 numbers are also known as Local Call Numbers. Higher rates may apply for calls originating from a mobile phone. This rate is set by the mobile carrier and may vary between phone companies.

How much does buying 1300 numbers cost?

Normal Issue numbers are directly available from 1300 Numbers Australia. Free numbers are great if memorability is not critical. For better recall, select premium Gold ($59/number) or Platinum ($99/number).

Smartnumbers or Phone Words are highly memorable numbers that spell a word when dialed on a phone keypad. Select from our pool of available Smartnumbers or have our specialists assist you with acquiring the enhanced rights of use directly from the ACMA (prices start at $250) and we’ll connect it for you for as low as $14 a month!

Short on time? Our solutions specialists can check the availability of the number you’re interested in. Call us at 1300 50 10 50.

What is the setup cost of 1300 numbers in Australia?

Setting up 1300 numbers cost a once-off charge of $30.

For better call handling, you can add Live Answering or Complex Routing options (e.g. by region, area, exchange or postcode) to your service. In this case, additional setup charges will apply.

Call plans

Whether you’re a sole tradie, a small business, or a fast growing enterprise–1300 Numbers Australia has an affordable 1300 number call plan for you! Select a plan based on the volume of your calls, caller location, and your preferred answerpoints.

1300 MICRO

  • Local to Landline 4.5c/min
  • National to Landline 10.7c/min
  • Mobile to Landline 16.7c/min
  • Calls to your Mobile 29.9c/min


  • Local to Landline 30 min FREE/call then 4.4c/min
  • National to Landline 9.7c/min
  • Mobile to Landline 10.7c/min
  • Calls to your Mobile 23.9c/min

1300 GROW

  • Local to Landline All included*
  • National to Landline 5.7c/min
  • Mobile to Landline 6.7c/min
  • Calls to your Mobile 16.9c/min
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Is there an ongoing 1300 numbers cost?

Improve caller experience through optional features like Live Answering or Call Forwarding (IVR) Menus. Add-ons are billed on top of your monthly call charges.

Choose from our wide range of add-on services that can enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your inbound number, all at an affordable cost.

Need Advice?

1300 Numbers Australia is a specialist carrier of 1300 Numbers and Smartnumbers. Our solutions specialists are here to answer any questions you have about 1300 numbers. Give us a call at 1300 50 10 50 , or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!