Australian 1300 Numbers: Why Every Australian Business Needs One

Our solutions enhance your business image and increase caller response. We have a comprehensive range of features that are ideal for all businesses: from home-based SMEs through to the biggest corporations.

Statistics show that when given the option of calling a regular phone number, a mobile number, a 1300/1800 number, consumers are much more likely to call businesses with 1300/1800 numbers.

How much do Australian 1300 numbers cost?

There are two types of 1300 numbers:

  • Normal release numbers
  • SmartNumbers/Phone-Word numbers, which you can buy at auction (min $250 bid) from the Australian government (ACMA), and come with with additional rights

If you want a free number, we have a list of available numbers here (opens in new window) including Premium Platinum and Gold numbers (with applicable premium number fees). If you prefer not to have a premium number, you can choose a free 1300 phone number from this list.

Who owns your 1300 number?

All Australian 1300 Numbers are owned by the Australian government and controlled via the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Payment of a premium number does not give you ownership of the number. It is simply for being able to choose a better than normal number.

As with any other normal phone number, you cannot put it on hold/suspend it for future use. It must remain connected to your destination number. If you have it disconnected, it must be returned to ACMA to be put into quarantine and eventually put back into the pool of numbers so it can be re-released.

While the government retains ultimate control over your number, you can choose who will carry your number. You can also transfer your number between carriers as the needs of your business change.
How much do Australian 1300 numbers cost to call?

Callers contact your business for just the price of a local call.

Why are these numbers are often known as Local-Call numbers?

The caller pays a local call fee when calling from an Australian fixed landline.

If we carry your number, when you answer calls on your fixed landline and the call is from a local fixed landline, your receive FREE talk time on our most popular plans.

The 1300 number caller: only pays a normal local call fee from any fixed line phone anywhere in Australia. Callers using a mobile phone will pay a rate that is determined by their mobile service provider.

The 1300 number account holder: receives the first minutes FREE for calls originating from a local fixed line phone and terminating on your fixed landline. After the FREE talk time minutes, our low call rates apply. Free minutes vary depending on plans, with our most popular 1300 number plan providing 30 free minutes.

Who should use Australian 1300 Numbers?

These numbers are ideal for Australian businesses wanting to improve their marketing response and professional image in local, state or national regions.

A 1300 number is particularly attractive to businesses that receive the majority of their calls from local callers and that want to take advantage of the FREE talk time for those calls.

1300 numbers are also an effective tool for businesses targeting international customers, or have staff located in overseas locations.