Can I choose my own 1300 Number?

You have two choices when buying a 1300 number:

  1. You can choose from our list of available 1300 numbers, which includes numbers that range in memorability and cost to purchase. If the number you wish to obtain is not on our list, we can conduct a search for the preferred number on your behalf.
  2. If you decide that a 1300 smartnumber (i.e., a number that spells a word or features a memorable sequence of numbers) is the right solution for your business, you will have to purchase a new smartnumber. . You may choose from our pool of available numbers or have our solutions specialists assist you in purchasing the smartnumber of your choice from ACMA.

1300 Smartnumbers have a minimum reserve price of $250 for numbers that have no numeric pattern or word value. The reserve price increases based on the value of the word or number sequence, the maximum reserve price for a 1300 number is $20,000.

If you’re looking for a six digit 13 number, note that aside from a once-off number charge, these attract an annual government surcharge of $7,980. Find out more about Phone Words and 13 numbers.

Which 1300 Numbers can I choose from?

We source our 1300 Numbers from ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Association) on a regular basis, so we always have a fresh pool of numbers.

Our range of numbers include:

  1. Free numbers that feature a random sequence of digits.
  2. Matching phone/fax pairs.
  3. Highly memorable numbers that contain a repeating pattern of digits.

Our solutions specialists can also check the availability of your preferred 1300 number from the entire pool of Australian 1300 numbers.

Will I own my 1300 Number?

When your business acquires a 1300 number, you don’t own the number outright, you gain access to the Rights of Use (ROU), detailed on the ACMA website. The good news is, as long as your account is in good order and your number is connected to an answer point, you can retain your number as long as you need it. If you no longer need your number, it will be returned to ACMA’s pool of 1300 numbers.

Can I change my 1300 Number?

You can change or add 1300 numbers based on the needs of your business. The acquisition and setup process for additional numbers is the same as that of your original number.

How long will it take for my number to be live?

If you choose a number from our website, we can normally activate it within one business day.

Let’s get started!

Choose from our range of available numbers online or contact our Business Consultants and we’ll conduct a personalised search for your preferred 1300 number; call 1300 50 10 50, or send us an email.