How To Buy a 1300 Number

Getting a 1300 number for your business is an effective way to acquire a bigger customer base by offering local call rates, boosting your image and managing your business calls better. Buying a 1300 number through 1300 Numbers Australia is quick and easy.

Here’s how to get a 1300 number in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose from our list of available 1300 numbers OR buy a 1300 number directly from the government through (Prices start at $250).
  2. Place your order online or over the phone by calling 1300 50 10 50.
  3. Select your preferred 1300 call plan, configure your answerpoints, and choose what type of 1300 number routing scheme you prefer.
  4. Provide the required business and payment information, and submit your order for processing. Your number can be activated in as little as one business day!

Browse available 1300 numbers, or buy a 1300 number.

Will I own my 1300 number?

The Australian government retains ownership and control over all 1300 numbers.

When you buy (as opposed to lease) a Normal Issue 1300 number, you secure the rights to use the number in a specific geographic area as long as you continue to use the number.

If you get a 1300 smartnumber (i.e. a number that spells a word or features a memorable sequence of digits), you also access the right to sell or lease the number to a 3rd party.

Buy 1300 numbers, don’t lease

Buying a 1300 number is the only way to retain maximum control over your number. When you lease a number through a Phone Word provider, you are subject to leasing fees and contracts set out by the leasing company.

When you buy a number through 1300 Numbers Australia, you retain full control as long as you continue to use the number, other benefits include:

  • No lease payments.
  • No lock-in contracts.

Are there contracts involved in the setup and operation of a 1300 number?

There are no term contracts when you order your number through 1300 Numbers Australia.

Before you get a 1300 number you should review the 1300 Number Critical Information Summary. This document contains important information about the use and management of your number.

How much does getting 1300 numbers cost?

There are four levels of 1300 numbers; each level’s pricing is based on number memorability:

  • Category One: Free numbers
  • Category Two: Gold – $59 per number
  • Category Three: Platinum – $99 per number

In addition to the cost of your number, you’ll need to choose a 1300 number call plan. Plans are priced from $14 to $29 per month. Call charges vary for each plan Browse our Call Plans now.

How do I buy a 1300 Smartnumber?

1300 Smartnumbers are managed by the Australian Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority at the ACMA Smartnumbers website. You can get 1300 Numbers via direct purchase from their website with prices for Smartnumbers starting at $250.

Purchase a 1300 number from ACMA by following these steps:

  1. Register and set up your account.
  2. Search through available 1300 Smartnumbers and select your preferred number to add to your cart.
  3. Review your order and checkout.
  4. Pay for your 1300 number to gain the rights of use to that number.
  5. Once you receive documentation for the purchase of your 1300 number, contact a trusted provider like 1300 Numbers Australia to get your number connected.

Are there alternatives to buying a 1300 number?

Yes, if the number you wish to acquire is owned by a 3rd party such as a Phone Word company, you may be able to lease the number. Leasing a 1300 number means that you will never fully control the use and management of the asset.

Leasing contracts typically range from one-to-three years. The right to increase or decrease leasing fees is at the discretion of the leasing company and at the end of the contract period, you will need to re-negotiate use. If you choose to discontinue your lease, the owner can re-lease the number to a different company, including to one of your competitors.

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