How to setup 1300 numbers

Setting up a new 1300 number or transferring an existing one is simple. This is great news for your business! No special software or hardware is required to take advantage of a tool that can supercharge your marketing and customer service efforts.

The minimum equipment you need is a landline or mobile phone, and depending on the type of number you choose, your service can be activated in as little as one business day.

What’s involved in setting up a 1300 Number?

A basic 1300 number setup involves two quick steps, often with same-day turn-around:

  1. Acquiring your 1300 number, and
  2. Nominating the Answer Points for inbound calls.
    • Answer Points can be any Australian landline or mobile number (e.g. your office number, mobile phone, home office phone number or overseas phone number).

To setup your account we’ll need your business information including ABN or ACN and billing details.

How long does it take to setup a 1300 number?

If you purchase a 1300 number through our website it will be active within one business day. If you purchase a smartnumber through ACMA, it normally takes between three and five business days to activate.

Do I need a landline or special equipment to operate a 1300 number?

No special equipment is needed to operate your number. Your existing mobile phone or landline can be used to answer calls to your 1300 number.

Once you have acquired your number, you can choose from a range of add-on services that may increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, expand your trading catchment and increase customer service levels.

Our Business Consultants can advise you on our range of add-on services to compliment your 1300 number including:

  • Call Routing: Flexible call routing options include the ability to divert calls based on caller origin, postcode, time of day, whether your phone line is busy and more
  • Call Forward (IVR) Voice Menus (e.g., For Sales press 1): Give callers the option of being transferred to specific departments, offices or mobile phones
  • Live Answering Service: Have your calls answered by our Australian-based operators who will answer calls in your business name. You have the option to take the call or have a message forwarded to you.
  • Business Introduction: Callers hear a professionally recorded business introduction prior to being diverted to your nominated Answer Point.