1300 number service provider checklist: should you make the switch?

Your 1300 number is one of the most vital identifiers for your business. Thanks to its portability, keeping a single number is possible for the entire life of your business– even after you move. Since the rights of use is yours, you can choose to have it connected to any 1300 number service provider of your choice. The process of switching carriers is typically free, simple, and extremely fast. So how do you know if it’s time to switch 1300 number providers? Here are 4 questions you should ask first.

Are you paying your 1300 number service provider too much?

Your 1300 number should help you make sales, not cost you an arm and a leg. Some businesses are lured by rock bottom pricing, only to be billed exorbitant call charges later on. If your number is costing more than the sales it brings you, it’s time to switch 1300 number carriers.

As you shop for a new 1300 number service provider, make sure that you consider what type of phone your customers use to call you, where calls are coming from, and whether you want to answer calls on your landline or mobile. Look at both the monthly access fees and the rates for calls so that you can get the best value plan for your specific needs.

Are you locked in to your current 1300 number service contract?

Most businesses are forced to stay with their current 1300 number service providers in fear of costly early termination fees. If the amount you’ll be spending for the rest of your contract is bigger than your break fees, you should consider making the switch early on. If your term is up for renewal, you should definitely shop around for a better deal before you transfer 1300 number providers.

The key is to choose plans that you can cancel anytime. You shouldn’t have to wait years to cancel if you’re unhappy with a service. If a telco is confident enough to offer no minimum terms, customer satisfaction is definitely on top of their list of priorities.

Do you get free 1300 number features?

Aside from your 1300 number service, make a list of free features that come with your plan. At the least, you should have free basic routing schemes, access to call detail reports that can help you track your ad campaigns, and free talk-time to help you save on calls. Always choose a 1300 number service provider that gives you the opportunity to tailor your service and goes the extra mile to add value to your 1300 number.

Does your 1300 number provider know your business?

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t hear from your sales rep after signing up for a service? They make the pitch, get you to sign up, set you up with a standard package, and vanish into thin air. What these people fail to see is that the post purchase experience sets up the stage for repeat transactions, and helps businesses like yours decide whether to transfer 1300 number services or not.

Customer service is not limited to resolving issues when something goes wrong. Great customer service should be proactive. The best 1300 number provider makes it a point to ask a lot of questions about your business, stick with you through the process, and take the time to learn about your needs. Gathering all this information will help customise a 1300 number service that will touch on all your pain points.

What makes customers loyal to a 1300 number provider? Surprisingly, studies show that price is not the top factor that inspires customers to be loyal to any business. Quality and customer service remains to be the top driver for return sales.

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