1300 numbers and live answering services: the perfect combination

Why do some businesses do better than others? SMEs make up a large chunk of the Australian economy, and stories of small brands making it big are not uncommon to us. So that must mean growth is not just about costly technology. The truth is, anyone can be successful even with the most basic platforms, as long as your focus is on solving customer problems. Even simple tools such as 1300 numbers and answering services can work wonders for your startup.

1300 number with answering services is the kind of solution that enables you to add value to the customer experience while lowering costs. Through these virtual tools, you can support your core business activities and open more channels of communication, even with no staff at all. Let’s take a closer look at how these two work to your competitive advantage.

Shifting the focus back to the customer

When people call you, it can only be one of two things—they want to know more before making a purchase, or they need some form of after-sales support. Miss their calls, and you lose an opportunity to build a lasting relationship. Get it right, and these people turn into your most passionate advocates. So how do you do it?

First of all, stop using multiple numbers. Advertising both your landline and mobile number makes things hard for you and your callers. Instead, use a 1300 number to boost your availability and shorten your response times. Your existing phones will work as answerpoints for your virtual number. Never miss a single call by routing calls to your mobile or a second number when your office phone is busy or goes unanswered. When you can’t answer both, just redirect calls to a professional phone answering service for small business.

Boosting your customer service efforts

The next step is to make your callers happy on the phone, even before you say hello. Their experience starts the moment your phone rings. Take note of how long it takes for you to pick up the call, and how you answer it. These things say a lot about what kind of customer service your brand will be known for. Do you want to be known as the business that always has busy lines, long wait holds, and constantly sends you to voicemail? Of course not!

1300 numbers and answering services work hand in hand to help you be more available and responsive. When calls to your 1300 number overflow to your phone answering service, an Australian-based operator answers and takes messages for you. These people are highly trained and their only job is to stay on standby 24/7, and give your callers only the best treatment. Calls are answered promptly and politely, while messages are taken accurately every single time.

Keeping your operating costs low

Entrepreneurship is a balancing act. Successful businesses don’t just sell well, they‘re also good at managing keeping their expenses low. Start quick and grow fast with tools that don’t require build outs and doesn’t come with long lead times. These virtual services make work easier and your staff more efficient. But rather than going for cheap 1300 numbers, go with the service that gives you the best value and service.

1300 numbers and answering service providers

Instead of getting separate live answering and 1300 number service providers, streamline your services by choosing an inbound number specialist that can offer you both, like 1300 Numbers Australia. To learn more about our products and competitive plans, give us a call at 1300 50 10 50 or visit us at the official 1300 Numbers Australia website at www.1300numbersaustralia.com.au.