4 reasons why advertising 1300 numbers pays off

One of the biggest misconceptions that entrepreneurs make is thinking that a regular landline or mobile phone number would suffice for their business. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Aside from privacy issues, there are a handful of things a business needs that a normal number could simply not provide. Instead, professional 1300 numbers are recommended for both small and large enterprises alike. To learn why, here are four reasons why you should consider advertising a 1300 number instead.

Establish your brand

Your brand is more than just your name. It’s how people perceive your business. All across Australia, 1300 numbers are seen as a sign of credibility and stability. A business that is able to get a local call number for their customers means good business. This is the kind of image you want your brand to be seen as. Who would have thought something as simple as your number could contribute that much?

Break geographic barriers

Today’s hustle and bustle has accustomed us to thinking that what’s near is probably the best, but this is not necessarily true. Australia’s wide and vast geography is great and beautiful, but could be limiting for quality small businesses trying to break into larger industries based in city centres.

A 1300 number evens out the playing field, giving startups from all over an edge, to gain customers from all across the country. Callers will no longer be deterred by a landline number outside their area, for fear of high call costs.

Access vital call analytics

Big brands have money to blow on consumer research and statistics to help drive their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, small ones simply don’t. It’s a good thing that 1300 numbers come with free reporting tools that provides you the same kind of information big players in the market pay for.

This report gives you an insight about your call volume, peak hours, call origin, and call duration. All of these are accessible at your web portal. This knowledge is key to making sound and informed decisions for the growth and success of your business.

Using more than one 1300 number to track the success of marketing campaigns is another great use for local call numbers. Not only can you track the success of campaigns, but focus resources on those that are making ROI. Clearly, this is something you couldn’t do with just a landline or a mobile phone.

Create a complete customer experience

For customers, working with a business is not just about the sale but about the experience. Seek to elevate your customer service to a whole new level through added services to your 1300 numbers. Business intros and IVR menus help curb the frustration that comes from long holds and wrong transfers. Live answering services help you capture all queries from both current and new clients. Customise your 1300 number to make your work easier and your customers happier.

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