4 ways to stretch your startup money with 1300 numbers

Some say that to earn money, you have to spend money. While there is some truth to that, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be prudent about where you spend your hard-earned cash. One of the biggest investments when starting a business is on communication tools. But more than just an added cost to operate, tools such as 1300 numbers can actually save you money. Here are some ways you can stretch your start up budget by getting a 1300 number.

Do your research and shop for an affordable 1300 number plan

Comparison shopping can save you thousands in the long run. Take your time reaching out to different telcos and see what they have to offer. Don’t be fooled by rock bottom pricing and always read the fine print. A good 1300 number service provider focuses on your needs and creates a customised solution to help you work efficiently and be more productive.

Go virtual with inbound numbers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get a lease for a fancy office even if it’s not necessary. Committing to expensive real estate puts pressure on you to create revenue faster. There’s no harm in working from home and opting for a virtual office instead. Virtual solutions don’t just cost less than legacy systems, they’re packed with the same functionality but more convenient than the latter. You don’t need new hardware or get physical lines installed to get a 1300 number. Your existing mobile or landline can be assigned as your answer points.

Functionality also doesn’t have to be sacrificed for convenience. You can route calls depending on the location of the caller, time of day, or your availability. More than that, your inbound number is also highly compatible with other virtual office services.

Maximise your advertising money with 1300 numbers

The hardest task for any startup is launching an effective marketing campaign. With a limited budget to work on, you should make sure that your campaigns are making ROI. Through the reporting tools that come with your inbound number, you can track important customer data like their location, the frequency and time of their calls, and the duration of each conversation. Through these information, you can make wise decisions and direct your money towards campaigns that are converting sales.

Look ahead and think long term

Think long term when it comes to your communications solutions. You may be working out of your garage today, but as you grow, you may move to an office or a different state altogether. Invest in tools that are going to be useful no matter how big you get, or how far you relocate. Since 1300 numbers aren’t tied to a local exchange, you can have the same number wherever you move in Australia. Just route your calls to your mobile or your new number, and you’re customers won’t even know the difference.

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