An easy guide to getting your 1300 smartnumber

Having a catchy number is a must for any business, big or small. Despite the boom of e-mails and SMS, phone calls are still a standard for doing legitimate business. If your industry is highly competitive, a regular number just won’t cut it. If memorability is a top priority, getting a 1300 smartnumber is your best bet. So how can you get one?

Let’s start with a few basics first…

Who is ACMA?

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is the body that oversees communications and media work all over Australia. They are also in charge of pooling smartnumbers for purchase. Some numbers can be purchased from phoneword companies and telcos, but it is best that you buy it yourself to avoid high leasing fees.

What you’ll be buying isn’t exactly the number but the enhanced rights of use to the number. This means you can use it for yourself, lease it, or sell it to a third party. This feature is exclusive to smartnumbers.

How can I purchase the eROU of a 1300 smartnumber?

Go to and search through their list of available numbers. Be open to purchasing numbers in patterns if the phone words you want is not available. Once you’ve found it, register for an account and pay the one-off charge. Review your order and pay for the number. Not all smartnumbers cost the same. Prices generally start at $250 upwards.

I own the enhanced rights of use, now what?

The next step is to get your number working with a telco. To get the best service,  choose a reliable 1300 carrier that specialises in local call numbers. This way, you only get the most competitive plans without worrying about hidden costly charges. Here at 1300 Numbers Australia, we only offer affordable and straightforward plans with no catch.

What else can I do with my 1300 number?

Practically anything! Smartnumbers work the same way as normal issue 1300 numbers. Think about what kind of routing would work for your business and create a scheme that would ensure all of your calls are answered.

Time based routing gives you the option to work around lunch breaks and after hour calls by forwarding to a 2nd business phone number or a live answering service. Location based routing is perfect for small businesses with more than one site that want to direct callers to their nearest branch. This saves their customer’s time and reduces distractions at other offices caused by a lot of transfers.

You are only limited by your carrier’s imagination. To get the most out of your number, consult with a specialist carrier of Smartnumbers like 1300 Numbers Australia. Call us up at 1300 50 10 50 or click Chat Now below to create the best inbound number solution for your needs.