Build your brand on a tight budget with a 1300 number

Nothing feels as good as setting up a business and finally being your own boss. After all the planning comes the hard part—spreading the word about your product or service.

Fortunately, there are high-impact ways to marketing your business that don’t have to break the budget. Today, we’ll discuss one approach that can easily expand your client base—building your brand with a 1300 number.

Project stability

Bigger is not always better. Unfortunately, this still seems to be how some people think. Using a mobile or landline number screams sole tradie. The thing is, using your personal home phone or mobile number is not safe at all. A 1300 number gives the impression that you’re bigger even in your start-up phase.

The best part? They’re easier to recall and attracts more customers to call you. You can even get highly memorable smart numbers in patterns or numbers that spell out words for higher recall.

Maximise your domain name

When you’re a start-up, your website becomes your main place of business, more so if you don’t have a brick and mortar office. Same as how people can’t get to a store because they don’t know the address, potential clients can’t get to you without a domain that directs them to you.

So the next question is, ‘What makes a great domain name?’

A good domain name uses keywords that relate to your business (product, service or business name). For better results, get a domain name and a 1300 number that spells out one of the three. Doing so makes your website more memorable, makes it easy for clients to contact you, and tells them what services you offer all at once!

Use compatible services

Beef up your 1300 number with add-ons that help your marketing efforts. Something as simple as using a professional recorded business intro for your calls takes the type of customer service you give to a whole new level. A simple intro can tell your clients who you are and what type of services you offer, all before they talk to you.

Have a mobile workforce? Another feature you can make use of is IVR menus. This service greets callers in your business name and makes it easier for callers to talk to the right person by pressing an assigned number. Imagine how awesome it would be to advertise just one number for all employees instead of a different number for each one of them.

Measure the effectivity of your marketing efforts

Building your brand is a never ending process, that’s why it’s good to have tools to review how your campaigns are faring. It’s a good thing that 1300 numbers come with free reporting tools that give you valuable caller info like their location, which campaign led them to you, how long the call took, and which days you get the most calls.

Getting your name out there doesn’t need to be a daunting and costly task. With the right tools, it is definitely possible. Call us at 1300 50 10 50 to talk one of our business consultants today to learn more about how 1300 numbers can help in building your brand.