Choosing among landline, mobile, or 1300 numbers for business

Getting a number for your business seems like one of the most obvious decisions that have to be made.However, choosing the right kind that will serve all of your needs as an entrepreneur can be quite confusing for startups.

To make this choice easier, we’ve put together the pros and cons of landline, mobile, and 1300 numbers so that you can see which is best for your business.

Advertising a landline number

Startups and home based businesses usually start off using their landline at home for business. A landline number is okay for businesses that operate within a local area. It also gives the appearance of a brick and mortar office.

Although callers would think that you have a physical office, it also feeds the expectation of having staff to answer calls all throughout the day. Unless you have a live answering service, if you work alone or often go out on meetings and house calls, not getting an answer could breed frustration for your customers and lose you business in the long run. Customers from outside your local area may also be discouraged to call you because of added call costs and assume that you can only work within your area.

Using a mobile-only solution

The biggest boon of using a mobile number is its portability. Compared to a landline, callers can always expect a prompt answer even if you work alone since you can carry it with you wherever you are. The down side of this is that calling a mobile number may be more costly for your clients than calling a landline. It can also make your business look small and unreliable since it’s a personal number.

Choosing 1300 numbers for business

Australian 1300 numbers are widely recognised as professional business numbers. It makes you appear bigger and more reliable compared to a local landline. It extends your reach and promotes a service standard that’s akin to big names in your industry. See how easy it is to establish your brand as legitimate simply by not using personal home and mobile numbers in your ads and campaigns.

1300 numbers for business provide a cost effective way for clients in and out of your local area to get in touch with you. With just an inbound number, you can attract potential clients from all across Australia to do business with you. Seeing a local number will no longer deter callers from getting in touch with you.

Lastly, getting a 1300 number combines all the good points of landlines and mobile phones while doing away with their flaws. Since these are virtual numbers, your answer point can either be your landline or mobile number. You can customise your routing scheme based on whichever is more convenient at the moment. This makes it the best option for small and medium enterprises that look to provide value, excellent customer service, and plan for growth in the future.

To learn more about 1300 numbers and why they’re the right fit for SMEs, give us a ring at 1300 50 10 50 or click Chat Now below. Get in touch today and make the best choice for your business.