Do 1300 numbers cost money from mobile?

At a time when customers rely so much on smartphones, it’s normal for businesses to reconsider how mobile-ready they are. Aside from having a website and a presence on social media, your business number should also be mobile-friendly. If you’re considering an inbound number for your business, one important question to ask is—what do 1300 numbers cost when you or your customers rely on mobile?

Before we answer this question, it’s a good idea to do a quick review of the cost of 1300 numbers. This will give you a better understanding of how call costs are shared between you and your callers.

Purchasing a 1300 number

The cost of acquiring a 1300 number varies depending on its memorability. Telcos typically pool random numbers that are offered free of charge to their customers. Most providers also pool premium numbers with repeating numbers that can be purchased for a one-time cost.

If you want a number with better recall, you can choose to purchase a Smartnumber. These are 1300 or 1800 phonewords that spell out a word when dialed on the keypad, making it easier to remember. The rights of use for these numbers are managed by government, and may cost you anywhere from $250 upwards.

Compare 1300 number plans

Along with one-time number costs, you will need to select a monthly plan and activate your service with a telco. Inbound number plans are comprised of a monthly charge and individual call rates that apply for every call you receive. Typically, there are separate rates for calls that are answered on a landline and calls that are connected to a mobile.

Additional features like a voice prompt menu, business introduction, or complex routing schemes are billed on top of your monthly plan. Instead of focusing on getting a low monthly charge, it helps to know what type of calls you expect receive and what add-ons you want for your number. This will help you choose a 1300 number provider that can deliver good rates and advanced functionality at a reasonable cost.

Understand customer call costs

When a customer calls your 1300 number, they are billed according to rates determined by their phone provider. Calls dialed from a landline are typically billed at local call rates. Do 1300 numbers cost more to call from mobile? Calls originating from mobiles are charged at a rate specified the caller’s mobile provider.

The good news is that recently, the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA released a new framework for billing mobile calls to 13 & 1300 numbers, to make these calls more affordable for mobile users. Instead of having separate rates for calls to inbound numbers, telcos are encouraged to create mobile-friendly plans that have included allowances for these type of calls.

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