Frequently Asked Questions


What is an inbound number?

An inbound number is a virtual business phone number that is used to receive incoming calls. Inbound numbers such as 1300, 1800, or 13 numbers are used by businesses to manage incoming call flows. Because inbound numbers are actually “virtual” numbers, there are no fixed lines to make outbound calls.

What is a 1300 number?

A 1300 number is an inbound number used as a business phone number. A 1300 number can be answered on a mobile or fixed landline, offering great flexibility over call management by allowing multiple call routing options.

How does a 1300 number differ from an 1800 number?

1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are both inbound numbers offering multiple routing options for a business. The main difference between a 1300 and 1800 number is how the calls are charged. Calls made to a 1300 numbers is charged to both the caller and the business. 1800 numbers on the other hand, is a toll-free inbound number. This means 1800 number calls are only charged to the business.

How much does it cost to call 1300 numbers in Australia?

The cost of a 1300 number call varies depending on whether the call is made from a fixed landline or mobile. When dialing from a landline in Australia, 1300 number calls are charged as a standard local call. For this reason, 1300 numbers are also referred to as local call numbers. Calls made to a 1300 number from a mobile is charged accordingly at the mobile carrier rates.

Are there different types of 1300 numbers?

Yes, there are two types of 1300 numbers.

1. Normal Issue
These are standard 1300 numbers for normal business use. Normal issue numbers are available from 1300 Numbers Australia.

2. Smartnumbers
These are special 1300 numbers that are highly memorable or typically spell a phone word. Smartnumbers often have double digits or repetition. Smartnumbers are available for purchase directly from the Australian Communications and Media Association (ACMA) website

How long is a 1300 number?

A 1300 has a total of ten digits. They can be presented or advertised in the preferred sequence for better memorability, for instance – 1300 501 050 or 1300 50 10 50

If you have a 1300 Smartnumber that spells a phoneword, you can display your 1300 number as a word. For example, 1300 TOP HAT. If your phoneword (including the 1300 prefix) is longer than ten digits, you can still advertise the full word. This is because the inbound number system is set up to ignore the digits after ten. For example, 1300 WE ANSWER.

Can I pick my own 1300 number?

You can pick your choice of 1300 number from our available 1300 numbers list. These “normal issue” numbers are available and ready for immediate activation. If you are would like to pick a number that is not on our available list, you will need to use our Smartnumber look up tool to see if the number is available for purchase and proceed to the ACMA website to process your order.

Why should I get a 1300 number?

A 1300 number has many benefits but most business use it to better control their incoming business calls. You can route your calls to your preferred answerpoint and manage your after-hours calls by redirecting it to your mobile or a live phone answering service. Additionally, 1300 numbers can make your business appear larger and more professional.

How do I order a 1300 number?

You can order a 1300 number with us online or by phone, if you see a number you like on the available numbers list. Once you have selected the 1300 number, simple choose your preferred monthly call plan and we will help you activate your number.

Can I use my 1300 number for international business?

1300 numbers are compatible with many telephone networks in countries across the globe. We can help you set up answerpoints in any of the countries on this international list.

We recommend that you advertise a local landline for overseas callers, and if your business is located outside Australia, you have the option of having calls answered by a professional live answering service.

Also note that your mobile phone carrier may also impose roaming charges for 1300 number calls answered outside Australia.

Who owns the 1300 number?

All 1300 numbers are owned by the Australian government and controlled via the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Purchasing a 1300 number does not give you actual ownership of the number. Instead, what you purchase is the “Rights of Use” to the number.

When you acquire a normal issue 1300 number, you secure “Rights of Use” for a specific area or region. If you acquire a 1300 Smartnumber, you secure the rights to lease it to a 3rd party. You cannot put a normal issue 1300 number on hold or suspend it for future use. It must remain connected to your nominated answerpoint. Smartnumbers can remain unconnected for 12 months.

Disconnected numbers must be returned to ACMA to be put into quarantine for future re-release.

Can I use more than one 1300 number?

Yes. It very common for businesses to use more than one 1300 number. Getting a 1300 inbound number gives you access to incoming call records, which is very useful for tracking marketing campaigns and advertising.

Can I access and manage my account online?

When you become a customer of 1300 Numbers Australia, you will set you up with a login for your online customer portal. This portal gives you 24/7 access to your account. You will be able to manage your customer account, view call reports and request changes to your routing preferences.

Can I transfer my existing number from another carrier?

Yes. Transferring your 1300 number from another carrier is easy. We can help you port your number over to us by phone or you can simply lodge the request online here.

Should I lease or buy my 1300 number?

The decision to lease or buy a 1300 number is at the discretion of your business and is typically based on business goals.

It is generally advised that if your preferred 1300 number is available on the ACMA website, buying your 1300 number gives you more control over the use of that number. Leasing the number may bind you into contractual terms with third parties, while offering limited use.

If the number you want is owned by a specialised company, leasing the 1300 number may be your only option.


What is a Smartnumber?

Smartnumbers are numbers that usually spell a word, for example 1300 PIZZAS, or they feature a repeating sequence of numbers, like 1300 50 10 50.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is an Australian government department which controls all phone numbers in Australia. The licensing right to use these numbers is made available for purchase at the ACMA website. The price of numbers start from $250, and vary depending on demand and memorability.

Who is ACMA?

The ACMA which stands for Australian Communications and Media Authority, is the statutory body charged with the responsibility for ensuring media and communications work for all Australians – this includes telephony and internet services. ACMA does this through various legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice. [Source: Wikipedia]

The ACMA website is a valuable resource that contains a wealth of information for consumers and businesses including information and facts sheets about 1800 numbers, 1300 numbers and 13 numbers.

How do I buy a Smartnumber or a phone word?

To purchase a new Smartnumber, visit to choose and purchase the Smartnumber of your choice.

To retain your 1300 Smartnumber, you must activate it within three years from date of purchase. If you do not activate your number, it will be returned to ACMA’s pool of numbers.

How much do Smartnumbers cost?

Smartnumbers range costs, starting from $250 on a first-come, first-served basis. They are subject to availability. There is also a one-time registration charge of $35.

How do Smartnumber phonewords work?

Smartnumbers work in the same way as a typical 1300 number. They are virtual inobund numbers used to direct incoming phone calls to specific answerpoints. You can answer your 1300 Smartnumber on any fixed landline or mobile, as well as international answerpoints. System set up is identical to that of a “normal issue” 1300 number.

Does my business really need a 1300 Smartnumber?

Deciding whether your business requires a 1300 Smartnumber over a stand 1300 number all depends on your preference. The best type of inbound number for you may differ to another business looking for a specific number that spells a phonewords.

If you prefer a memorable number that supports your branding initiatives, a Smartnumber may be a good option because you can effectively advertise your number as a marketing initiative. For example, 1300 FENCES.

Consider the following:

  • What is the size of your business?
  • What are your business goals for expansion?
  • How important is “branding” for your business?
  • What is your budget?
  • Will it provide a substantially better return on investment (ROI)?
Can I purchase a Smartnumber that spells my business name?

Yes. If the phoneword that spells your business name is available, you can purchase your 1300 Smartnumber from the ACMA website.

If your prefered number is help by a 3rd party, you may be able to trade, buy or lease the Rights of Use (ROU) for the number. This can be either exclusive or shared use, depending on the agreement you make with the 3rd party.

What does Exclusive Right of Use mean?

Exclusive Rights of Use essentially means you have the sole control over use of the number. If you opt for “shared rights of use”, other businesses may use the number, with usage delineated by region of use.

What if the smartnumber for my business name is not available?

If the specific number you’re seeking is not available, you may need to search for a different variation. Including numbers that sounds like a word is a good idea, for example 1300 TOYS4U. Use the Smartnumbers search tool to look up availability and try different variations and number sequences until you find one that meets your business needs.

You also have the option of selecting from a list of available 1300 numbers from our website.

Can I connect my Smartnumber through 1300 Numbers Australia?

Yes. Once you have acquired your Smartnumber, you may connect us to have your number connected. To be sure, we suggest you wait until you receive confirmation documents before proceeding to advertise the number for your business.

To have your Smartnumber connected and activated with us, you will need to provide us with details you on your ACMA confirmation. Once you have your select your preferred monthly call plan and nominate your routing options, we will set up your 1300 number on our platform.

Activation of your new 1300 Smartnumber can take up to seven working days.

Charges and billing

How much do Australian 1300 numbers cost?

1300 number costs vary from plan to plan and is also dependent on the type of number you select.

There is up to three costs involved in acquiring a 1300 number.

  1. Cost of your 1300 number. Free numbers are available from our list. For more memorable numbers, you may select a Gold number for $59 + GST, Platinum number for $109 + GST or a Paired number for $89 + GST.
  2. Cost of your monthly call plan. We offer three different call plans with included local and national calls or loaded with extra features. 1300 number call plans start from $19 + GST per month. Call usage charges will be billed according to call rates on the plan selected.
  3. Set up charge. There is a once-off cost to have your 1300 number set up and activated on our platform. This will appear in your first bill only.
Are 1300 numbers free to call?

1300 numbers are not toll-free numbers. Call charges apply depending on whether the call is made from a fixed landline or a mobile. The caller is charged at a local call rate if dialing from a fixed landline. Calls made from a mobile is charged according to the mobile carrier.

Your business will be charged at different call rates depending on whether the call was made from landline or mobile, and if the call is answered on landline or mobile.

If you wish to provide a toll-free number for your business, the best option is an 1800 number. These numbers are free for anyone to call anywhere in Australia. 1800 numbers are available from our sister website

How much does it cost to call a 1300 number from a landline or mobile?

Call rates do vary from fixed landlines and mobiles. 1300 number call rates are higher when dialing from a mobile. For the caller, this depends on their mobile carrier rates. When calling a 1300 number from a landline, the caller is charged at a local call rate.

How do I avoid bill shock for my 1300 number?

We recommend you read the full Critical Information Summary for details on call charges, monthly plan charges and billing information. Our 1300 number specialist can also walk you through some of the charges and help you select the right plan for your business.

Billing and account information is also available online when you log into your customer portal.

How much will my business pay for calls made from a mobile phone?

Your business is charged at a different call rate when calls are made from a mobile phone and answered on a mobile. Whilst having the flexibility of setting your 1300 number answerpoint to your mobile is great for convenience, it is important that you check and understand the call rates and charges associated with your plan.

View the Critical Information Summary for 1300 numbers.

Compare 1300 number call plans.

Will I be notified of changes to my call rates?

Any changes to your fixed monthly plan and call rates will be communicated to you via email. It is also worth noting that you will not be contracted to a fixed term, giving you the flexibility of changing your monthly call plans at your convenience. Cancellation of your 1300 number service will require 30 written notice and charges will be adjusted to work within our billing cycle timeframes.


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