How to connect 1300 smartnumbers to a telco

So you’re considering getting 1300 smartnumbers for your business—congratulations! Much like regular local call numbers, these premium numbers are a great tool for managing calls to your business. These give you the flexibility to redirect your calls to landlines, mobiles, or VoIP phones.

What sets smartnumbers apart is their memorability. They can either come as 1300 phone words that spell out a word when dialed on an alphanumeric keypad (1300 FLUFFY or 1300 358 339) or patterned numbers with repeating digits (1300 50 10 50). While similar in function, the process of getting 1300 smartnumbers are a little different from regular 1300 numbers. Here is a short step by step guide.

Check the 1300 number availability

All smartnumbers are managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA for short. While random 1300 numbers can be acquired directly from telcos, the rights of use for most smartnumbers have to be purchased directly from ACMA. There are a few exceptions when telcos pool numbers that may be attractive to their customers in advance.

Your best bet is to go to the ACMA website and do a quick search for the number. The rights of use for each number cost at least $250, and can go up to the thousands, depending on the demand for the number. If your preferred word or pattern is unavailable, look for its 1300 or 1800 number equivalent. Be creative and try combining letters with numbers that sound like words.

Should you buy or lease?

Some telcos will offer you the opportunity to buy or lease from their pool of smartnumbers. The option of leasing numbers are common in instances where there is a high demand for a particular number. In such cases, the rights of use could be shared among businesses in different cities and states. While this option may be attractive from the beginning, we highly recommend that you buy the rights of use to your number.

Leasing does not give you the option to keep your number once you decide to switch to a different 1300 number provider. Should you decide to get a new number and make the switch, your previous telco may lease your old number to a competitor. To make sure that you have exclusive use to your number for the life of your business, always choose buying over leasing.

Choose the right 1300 smartnumber provider

After getting the rights to your number, the last step is getting it connected to a telco. Narrow down your search by choosing an inbound number specialist such as 1300 Numbers Australia. This guarantees that you’ll be in the hands of experts who can help you get the most out of your smartnumber.

When you compare 1300 number plans, don’t just focus on just the monthly fees. Instead, select a plan based on the volume of your expected calls, caller location and your preferred answer points. Having all these information will help you find the most competitive call rates for your business.

Getting a smartnumber is an effective way to acquire more customers while keeping your business first in mind for potential clients. If you need more information on getting your own 1300 smartnumber, give our expert sales experts a call at 1300 50 10 50 or visit