How to get more done in less time with a 1300 number

A person that stays in three hours past his shift doesn’t necessarily produce more results than a person who leaves on time. Productivity boils down to the quality of work that one finishes within a specified time period.

So how can you get more done in a day without sacrificing quality and burning yourself out? Simple—you start by maximising the features of your 1300 number.


Take a few minutes to jot down the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. If you’re worried about missing anything, make your checklist before going to bed and have a look through when you wake up. Make sure to include even the smallest errand. Once you’ve made your list, commit to working through it throughout the day.


Plan your schedule around the tasks at hand. Having a schedule effectively keeps you from time wasters in between work and breaks. Set a specific time to reply to email and answer phone calls. Route your 1300 numbers to another team member during hours outside your schedule so you can focus on the main thrust of your business. Use the call detail information from your 1300 number (readily available at your web portal) to make informed decisions on how to go about not only your routing schemes, but your team scheduling as well.


Look for what things can be simplified and done better around your office. How many times do you get calls just to find out they’ve been transferred by mistake and need to be connected to someone else? These may seem like little things, but add up to hours of wasted time. Streamline your business processes and make it easy for your clients by using an IVR menu with your 1300 number. This lets callers choose from a recorded menu that will direct them to the right department or person, removing all the trouble of long hold times and wrong transfers.

Take breaks

A twenty minute break every two hours is ideal to keep productivity up and to keep your energy from plummeting. In fact, studies show that people who take time to step away from their work accomplish more than those that don’t. Make sure that you maintain a healthy work-life balance by clocking out on time and keeping your off hours private by detaching yourself from work.

To keep your mind at ease, enlist the help of a live answering service to capture all your calls after hours or while you’re on holiday. Having a professional human operator answer for you helps you from missing urgent enquiries and makes your callers feel important, encouraging them to leave a message.

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