How to maximise 1300 number call routing schemes

Thanks to a wide range of product information on the web, the sales process is not as it used to be. In fact, studies show that buyers have already decided on the sale by 60% by the time they pick up the phone to make a phone call. Therefore, it’s vital that these calls are handled promptly, in the best way possible. The solution—maximising 1300 number call routing schemes to your advantage.

Call routing is a powerful feature of 1300 numbers that lets you direct calls where and when it is needed. Try the tips below to fully experience the gains from using it with your inbound numbers.

Learn caller patterns

Collecting customer data is a tedious and costly task. Big businesses hire experts and pay a fortune, all to have a better understanding of their market. This enables them to focus their campaigns on certain areas, providing services when they’re wanted and needed.

The great thing about 1300 numbers is that even SMEs get access to important consumer data without paying extra. You can get access to call detail reports that lets you study the call behavior of your customers through your web portal. Gain an insight on when they’re calling, how long these calls last, where they’re coming from, or which marketing campaign led them to you.

Create a personalised sales experience

The appeal of SMEs is their ability to make consumers feel that they’re getting a personalised service. To further improve the sales experience, use your 1300 number with other tools like call forwarding IVRs. Instead of waiting on a queue to get transferred, IVR menus give the caller the power to choose where they want to be connected. This drastically reduces the chances of wrong transfers and long hold times.

You can also look at location based routing schemes for your calls. This is a great option for big businesses that have stores across Australia. You can have your service set to make calls ring to the nearest available stores before ringing out to national.

Make changes according to season

There is no one-size fits all solution to communications. Choose a 1300 number provider that allows you to customise your routing schemes as needed. Keep your staff from getting overworked by evaluating your work and call distribution. Manage call flow by looking at your needs and adjusting your call splaying based on your staff’s current workload. Utilise time and day based routing to help you with staffing & scheduling decisions.

Learn when to loosen the reins

Covering all your bases doesn’t just mean making all your calls direct to where you are 24/7. You and your business will benefit from taking well deserved breaks and making time for your private life. Direct calls to a live answering service on your days off or when you’re on holiday. By having Australian based operators take all your calls, you can rest assured that your callers get the same quality of service as they would with you.

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