How to use 1300 numbers wisely: modern day phone etiquette for entrepreneurs

Getting a 1300 number is the first step in the right direction towards making your business more professional. The next challenge is using it effectively to provide the best customer experience you possibly can. New technology has come a long way, and phone etiquette has evolved along with it. Here’s an easy guide to on how to use 1300 numbers wisely by applying modern day phone manners for entrepreneurs.

Answer calls promptly

Don’t keep the phone ringing for too long. When picking up, remember to always say your business name and follow up with your own name. Better yet, use a business intro service with your 1300 number that uses a recording which is played whenever a call is connected to you. This way, calls are answered the same way every single time.

Mind your language

Always aim to create a good impression whether it’s your first or fifth call with the customer. Avoid using jargon and acronyms that can just cause confusion. Maintain a friendly tone and ask questions that will make the person on the other end of the line see your interest in understanding their query to your full ability.

Respect your customer’s time

At the time of emails and SMS, picking up the phone to call means serious business. Make sure that you show your appreciation by being respectful of your caller’s time. Be punctual for teleconferences and always come prepared to your meetings. As much as possible, work on avoiding long holds and wrong transfers.

If you must put someone on hold, ask for their permission first and clarify why you’re doing so. When getting back to them, apologise for the wait and make sure you give them new information about their query. If you need more time to resolve their issue, suggest a callback instead.

To minimize wrong transfers, use a call forwarding (IVR) menu for your 1300 number so that callers can direct themselves to the specific person or department they need to talk to. You may also take advantage of location based routing so that customers are automatically directed to the office or branch nearest them.

Have a backup plan

If your work requires you to spend time outside your office, make sure that you can still answer calls while on the road. Route calls to your mobile while you’re out or use a voice to email service that will convert your voice messages to text and send it to your email. This way, you’ll never miss another message again. Make sure to check your messages within the day and get back to people who called promptly.

Don’t lose focus

Lastly, don’t forget to prioritise face to face interactions more than phone conversations. Whether it’s a business meeting with a client or a brainstorming exercise with your staff, give your 100% focus to the people in front of you. Avoid reading messages under the table or distract other people by taking a call or stepping out to answer your phone. Route calls to a live answering service instead so that you can focus on the main thrust of your business without sacrificing the quality of your customer service. For more information on how to use 1300 numbers wisely, give us a call at 1300 50 10 50 or start a chat with one of our number specialists today.