Local call numbers review: the pros and cons of 1300 numbers for your business

Local call numbers aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when investing in tools for business. With the rise of mobile phone use, it’s natural for businesses to be doubtful about 1300 numbers. However, there is so much more to local rate telephone numbers than a way to receive calls. To explain this further, here are the pros and cons of having 1300 numbers for your business.

Get a big business image

PRO: When you’re starting out, building credibility is a huge task. A mobile or home landline makes you look small fry, and doesn’t help in easing client doubts about the quality of your service. 1300 numbers are recognised as Australia-wide business numbers. Having an inbound number is an effective, yet affordable tool to project a professional image.

CON: Some customers prefer working with local businesses to get better, personalised service. Having a 1300 local call number can give the impression that you’re too big for what they need. If you want to keep a local image, you can opt for Local Connect Numbers which are virtual numbers in the area code of each area you want to do business in. The best part–these can also work with your 1300 number.

Offer local call rates nationwide

PRO: Expand your reach by offering local call rates for customers, Australia-wide. Broadening your areas of operation can be daunting and costly. 1300 numbers cost less than putting up new sites in another area or state you want to do business in. These attract customers that would be otherwise be deterred by long distance rates.

CON: Sharing costs with callers may deter some people who would like free calls instead. If you run an after sales support hotline and would like to offer free calls, an 1800 number is a better fit for you. If you’ll be using the line for daily enquiries, think of it this way– you get to focus your time and resources on clients that are willing to spend on your business.

Use a flexible, single point of access for your business

PRO: As virtual numbers, 1300 numbers lets you take your office with you wherever you go. These local call numbers are used to receive calls and route them to your current phone services called answerpoints. You can assign a landline, mobile phone, or even a live answering service as an answerpoint. Time and day based, location based, and conditional call routing schemes lets you manage your call flow based on your daily needs.

CON: The flexibility of local call rate numbers has a downside too. It may be harder for you to end your work day and detach yourself from work because of better availability. To avoid this, learn to delegate to other staff and route calls to a live answering service during busy hours so you can focus on your tasks and your well-earned time off.

The pros of getting 1300 numbers far outweigh the cons. For as little as $14 a month, you can enjoy the advantages of 1300 numbers for business. See the difference of having a 1300 number for your business through 1300 Numbers Australia. Get a 1300 number in as quick as one business day! Just give us a call at 1300 50 10 50 today.