Should you transfer your existing 1300 number to a different provider?

Signing up for a 1300 number benefits businesses in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, not all get lucky when it comes to finding the right provider. Whether you’re at the end of your contract, or simply dissatisfied with your current service, the good news is you have the option of transferring your 1300 number and switching to another telco. But before you do that, here are some questions you have to ask yourself.

Are you still happy with your current plan?

Take a good look at your existing contract and evaluate how your current carrier has delivered the services you signed up for. Are you able to maximise your plan? What type of calls do your receive and how are you billed for those calls? Aside from your contract, it also helps to review your previous bills.

Most often than not, people who sign up for extremely low rates fall prey to hidden and additional charges. Are you paying what you were promised when you signed up, or are shelling out much more? If you are spending more than your intended budget, it’s probably time to consider transferring your 1300 number.

How much would a switch cost you?

After deciding to make the switch, the next step is to determine how much this will cost you. Most telcos have different early termination policies that would require you to pay a certain amount to have your service cancelled. To avoid having to deal with this later on, switch to a new provider that offer no minimum terms and lock-in contracts for better flexibility in the future.

What do other businesses say about your new provider?

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, and this holds true with telcos as well. Businesses have very specific communication needs and what better way to find a new provider than to ask around and read up reviews of other entrepreneur’s experiences. Find a telco that specialises in business communications so you’re guaranteed that your services will be tailor fit for your success.

What added value are you getting for switching providers?

Look at the bigger picture – find out what services will you get with your 1300 number. Also consider what features are compatible and can be added to your inbound number if you decide to upgrade it or with add-ons to make work more efficient.

What do you have to do to port your number?

Make sure that your service is currently connected before putting in a port request for your number. An active number guarantees that you remain to be the ROU holder of the number. Contact your new provider so they can get in touch with your current telco to arrange the port. Don’t forget to check if there will be any downtime during the transfer.

We at 1300 Numbers Australia understand that as a business, every minute and dollar counts. This is why we do all the heavy lifting for you and make transferring your 1300 number a painless process. To get started, call us at 1300 50 10 50 to talk one of our business consultants today.