This is why you should get 1300 numbers now

Are you still missing out on business due to missed or unanswered calls? Need a great marketing or advertising tactic but don’t want to blow your budget?

It’s time to get 1300 numbers for your business!

1300 numbers let you reach out to a wider range of customers. Customers can call your business via a 1300 number just for the cost of a local call, regardless of location. Plus, these make your business look bigger, which in turn enhances your brand image.

They are a lot easier to remember! In fact 1300 numbers are about 5 times more memorable than ordinary landline numbers. You can even personalise it by incorporating your business name, product, or service. By doing so, people just don’t dial your number, they dial in your business prompting easier recall. Think 1300 ILUVPIE- easy to remember right?

With 1300 numbers, you won’t have any geographical restrictions unlike a landline service. 1300 numbers are fully portable. In case you need to move to a new address, you’d never lose an opportunity to make a sale as people can still contact you using the same number. Having a 1300 number improves your client relationship, increases and encourages repeat business and saves you money too!

1300 numbers are also compatible with a variety of services (letting you get the most out of your number) such as Hosted PBX, message and call forwarding services, and even live phone answering services. Features like these coupled with a 1300 number can make call distribution manageable and even improve customer service. Remember, happy customers make a happy business.

So what are you waiting for? 1300 numbers are honestly no bull! Get the best deal when you get 1300 numbers from an inbound number specialist like 1300 Numbers Australia. Sign up for your very own 1300 number today!