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What are 1300 numbers?

1300 numbers are ten-digit business numbers that your customers can call at local call rates from any fixed line in Australia. A 1300 number usually acts as a single point of contact for your business and attracts customers from outside your local area, giving your business professional appeal and presence.The cost of a 1300 number call is shared between the caller and the business.

How do 1300 numbers work?

1300 numbers are inbound numbers that your business can use to receive incoming calls. All calls made to a 1300 number can be directed to any of your existing phone numbers called answerpoints. For example, you can have your 1300 number calls routed or redirected to your landline, office phone, mobile or even international phone numbers.

A 1300 number can give your business great flexibility over how you would like your inbound calls to be managed. By changing your answerpoints, you can determine how, where and when your calls are answered.

Did you know you can customise your 1300 number so that calls can be answered on your mobile after hours, or even redirected to a live answering service when you’re busy or unavailable?

There are so many clever ways to configure your 1300 number that can make a big difference to your business, improve operational efficiencies and support sales and marketing initiatives.

caller 1300 numbers landline mobile live answering service Caller 1300 Numbers Landline Mobile Live Answering
how do 1300 numbers work infographic Caller 1300 Numbers Landline Mobile Live Answering

What can 1300 numbers do for my business?

If you have dialed a 1300 number to contact a business, you might notice professionally recorded greeting introducing the business you've called, or perhaps a voice prompt menu (IVR) asking you to select the relevant department you wish to speak to, before your call is redirected. Did you know that these are just some of the useful ways a 1300 number can be used?

1300 numbers can help your business by redirecting incoming calls based on the postcode or state-based location of the caller. You can also decide where your calls should be answered after hours or any time and day.

The flexibility and functionality of 1300 numbers far surpasses any other phone numbers for a business.

While 1300 numbers can help you manage your inbound calls, they are not used for making outbound calls. Any outgoing calls from your mobile or landline, will be using your existing service provider and your normal telco charges will apply.

what can 1300 numbers do? what can 1300 numbers do?

Make the most of your 1300 number with inbound call tracking.

When you use call tracking, you won’t have to guess which marketing effort get you more calls. Get detailed reports, ad source attribution, AI-transcribed call recordings and more with our powerful call tracking platform.

Choosing the right business number can help
your business grow.

What is the difference between 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and 13 numbers?

Getting an inbound number for your business can have many benefits. But, what is the difference between 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers, and how does a 13 number compare?

First off, the main difference between a 1300 number and 1800 number is the way the calls are charged. A 13 number on the other hand, is shorter with only a total of six-digits, making it a business number that is easy to recall.

Whether you choose a 1300, 1800 or 13 number for your business, inbound numbers help you appeal to more customers Australia-wide. A 1300 number is great marketing tool, is more memorable than a standard phone number and makes your business appear more professional.

Compare 1300, 1800,13 numbers

Digits Routing
Inbound call
Toll-free for
1300 numbers 1300 XXX XXX
1800 numbers 1800 XXX XXX
13 numbers 13 XX XX Annual charge $7980 + GST


1300 XXX XXX

Routing options

Inbound call report

IVR compatibility

Toll-free for callers

Goverment surcharge


1800 XXX XXX

Routing options

Inbound call report

IVR compatibility

Toll-free for callers

Goverment surcharge



Routing options

Inbound call report

IVR compatibility

Toll-free for callers

Goverment surcharge

Annual charge $7980 + GST

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1300 numbers better than landline
1300 numbers better than landline

Why 1300 numbers are better than traditional landline numbers.

Among the many benefits of 1300 numbers, better call handling options is by far, the best reason to choose a 1300 number over a standard landline number for your business.

Because a 1300 number is literally a virtual phone number, it can be configured to manage your incoming calls exactly the way you want it. You can route your calls to answerpoints based on location, time and day or availability. Whatever your industry or how you operate, a 1300 number can be customised in hundreds of ways to suit your business and help you flourish.

Compared to a standard landline number, a 1300 number offers complete mobility and continuity because it is not tied to a geographic location. Take your phone number with you, when your business relocates or grows nationally. Provide local rates to your customers Australia-wide and attract a broader audience, regardless of where you are.

1300 numbers are portable

1300 numbers are portable.

Can I keep the 1300 number if I relocate my business?

Absolutely. 1300 numbers are completely flexible. Unlike a landline number, your business 1300 number is not tied down to any single location. This means you are free to keep the same phone number regardless of where you move in Australia.

1300 numbers are portable

1300 numbers are highly customisable.

1300 number benefits

What benefits can a 1300 number offer?

There are multiple features and add-ons that can complement your business 1300 number. Aside from many call handling and routing options, you can add an IVR menu, professionally recorded messages as a business introduction or voice to email services – the benefits are endless.

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1300 number call forwarding menu

How can I manage callers from different locations?

If you run a business with multiple branches or locations, incoming calls can be automatically routed to the nearest location based on the call origin or using postcode prompting. Additionally, you can add a voice prompt menu recording at the beginning of the call, that allows callers to easily select the correct department they wish to speak to. This helps you manage calls for your business and reduce long wait times.

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1300 number routing

Can I route after-hours calls to my mobile or an answering service?

Absolutely. Your 1300 number can be set up to route calls based on the time and day. This means you can easily send all your after-hours calls to your mobile or even a professional answering service that will answer in your business name and take messages on your behalf. With a 1300 number for your business, you may never have to miss a call again and capture every sales opportunity.

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1300 number cost 1300 number cost

1300 number costs.

How much does it cost to call a 1300 number?

Call charges to a 1300 number depends on the whether the call is made from a landline or a mobile, and also if the call is answered on a landline or a mobile. The caller is charged a local call rate when dialing from any Australian landline. For this reason, 1300 numbers are also called local call numbers. Call charges from a mobile varies depending on the caller's mobile service provider.

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How much will a 1300 number cost?

Cheap 1300 number plans are offered by many providers but are they backed by competitive call rates, call reporting, multiple routing options and features?

Choose a 1300 number plan with us because we're a trusted industry provider for more than a decade. Our 1300 number plans are straight forward, easy to understand, easy to set up with no lock-in contracts and no minimum monthly call spend.

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Each plan includes

Low monthly service fee

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Free routing options

Free monthly inbound call report

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Competitive call rates

BASIC 1300 Plan

Low call rates

30 minutes included local calls

Perfect for startups and sole traders

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STANDARD 1300 Plan

Cheaper call rates

Unlimited local calls

Ideal for SMEs and business with larger call volumes

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PREMIUM 1300 Plan

Low call rates


Advance routing options

Call recording

Voice to email

Call analytics

Self-managed online portal
Recorded business introduction
Best for inbound call management

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Getting started.

setup 1300 number

Do I need additional equipment to support a 1300 number?

You don't require additional equipment or set up to have a 1300 number. This is because 1300 numbers are considered as virtual numbers that works behind the scenes to manage your calls.

setup 1300 number
port 1300 number
port 1300 number

What if I already have a 1300 number?

Porting your 1300 number to us is quick and easy. If you already have a 1300 number, call us today and we can help you transfer your number over to us without any disruption to your service. Port a 1300 number over to us and enjoy the super low rates and boost the capability of your existing 1300 number.

Can I choose a new 1300 number for my business?

Absolutely! 1300 Numbers Australia have a large pool of available 1300 numbers and Smartnumbers to select from.

Prefer something a little more personal? If you don't find a 1300 number you love from our selection, choosing a personalised 1300 number such as a phone word or Smartnumber is easy as 123.

  1. Use our Smartnumber look up tool to see if the phone word associated or 1300 number is available for purchase.
  2. We can guide you through the quick process of acquiring the 1300 number of your choice.
  3. We can set you up with one of our excellent 1300 number plans.

And you're good to go!

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