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Make a statement with a 1300 Smartnumber.

/Make a statement with a 1300 Smartnumber.

About Smartnumbers

Make a statement with a 1300 Smartnumber.

Ever seen a 1300 number that spells a word? These special numbers are referred to as Smartnumbers or phonewords. Smartnumbers are a great way to attract customers to your business by advertising a phone number that spells the business name, or a word that is catchy like 1300 REPAIR (1300 737241).

1300 Smartnumbers are highly memorable numbers that don’t always spell a phoneword. A smartnumber could be special number that is easy to recall, such as 1300 88 22 88.

/How do I get a Smartnumber for my business?

Getting a 1300 Smartnumber for your business is easy. We have a list of available 1300 numbers for your selection, but you may have a special number in mind or would like a 1300 number phoneword. To get started, simply use our Smartnumber look up tool to check the number availability.

Check Smartnumber availability using the look up tool. This tool checks the ACMA’s database and will let you know if the number is available for purchase.

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Contact us or simply select your preferred monthly call plan.

We will help you set up your new Smartnumber and advise you on the various routing options available.

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