1300 numbers: myths vs facts

As we should know by now, a 1300 number is a special combination of numbers with the prefix “1300” and costs as low as a local call. 1300 numbers have been around for quite some time now, but there are still some misconceptions prevailing.

Here are some of those myths:

1300 Numbers are for big businesses only

While big businesses do use 1300 numbers, small businesses do in fact make use of them too! These numbers are very useful and affordable for businesses of all sorts and sizes. Subscription rates for 1300 numbers is also more cost-effective as you can also add-on other services.

You need a fancy phone system

Not true. 1300 numbers can work with your existing phone system be it a landline or mobile phone/smartphone. You can just tell your carrier how you’d like to take your calls – personalisation at its best!

Bigger manpower is required

1300 numbers are ideal for startups and solo proprietors. A large staff is not necessary as 1300 numbers allow you to route calls, letting you attend to all your calls without any specific staff needed.

All good 1300 numbers are already taken by big companies

Well, admittedly, this is partly true as they have paid more than an arm and leg for those numbers (this was when numbers were being auctioned off). There are still a lot of good combinations to choose from – get creative in mixing and matching numbers to truly reflect your business.

It’s a forever commitment

Unlike the early days of telecommunications, you can now acquire your numbers on a no-contract basis. Whether you are testing the market or still figuring out how 1300 numbers can make an impact on your business, providers like 1300 Numbers Australia can hook you up immediately with no frills.

Are these misconceptions still holding you back? Call us at 1300 50 10 50 to talk one of our business consultants today and we’ll be more than happy to explain things and even get you started with your very own 1300 Number!