4 things you didn’t know your 1300 number could do

1300 numbers don’t replace your existing lines, they work with it. But more than a way for your new and existing customers to contact you, these virtual numbers come with multiple features that help you run a better business, and of course, earn more profit.

Whether it’s a free feature or an added one for a cost, these numbers can be customised to create a powerful and unique solution that works to meet your specific business needs. To further elaborate on this, here are a few more things you didn’t know about your 1300 number.

Maximise your marketing spend

Yes, you read that right. Your inbound number plays a vital role in measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. All the information you need is gathered on your self-managed web portal. Use different 1300 numbers on each of your campaigns and track when, where, and how many customers are calling you. Scrap ads that aren’t making ROI and direct your resources to those that do. All with the help of information that’s all collected and given to you for free by your 1300 number service provider.

Think big, look big

Your smile, your handshake, your demeanor—all of these make up for how people perceive you. But one thing that’s often overlooked, but used by many to determine your professionalism, is your business number.

A mobile number or a local landline doesn’t do much to boost your credibility. If you wish to operate on a statewide or even national basis, anything other than a professional 1300 number would cut it. Not only does it make you look bigger before you are, it allows customers from any part of the country to contact you for the cost of a local call.

Improve business processes

In this day and age of emails and SMS, a customer that picks up the phone to make a call either has a really important sale to complete or a complaint that needs to be addressed. Either way, you or your staff should always be prepared for any kind of situation and temperament callers are in. The great thing about it is that your 1300 numbers are fully compatible with call recording services that allow you to go back on calls and review if best practices were applied in each call. It’s also a perfect way to check for compliance in industries that have strict guidelines.

Provide round the clock support

For startups and small businesses, hiring an in-house receptionist or a large call centre to take care of all calls, 24/7 is a luxury. So does that mean you have to put off providing excellent customer service round the clock until you can afford to? Absolutely not!

Your 1300 numbers come with multiple routing configurations that help you direct calls to available people and lines all throughout the day. You don’t need to sit by your landline all day to make sure no call is ever missed. Route calls to your mobile when you’re out meeting clients or to a live answering service during after-hours.

At 1300 Numbers Australia, we aim to keep you and your clients happy. If you want to start enjoying the many benefits of having an inbound number, call us at 1300 50 10 50 or click Chat Now below.