4 things you should know during your 1300 number search

The search for Australian 1300 numbers always begins with a quick search on the internet. But with thousands of articles about it on the net, separating necessary information from plain sales talk can be hard. So, as a specialist carrier of 1300 numbers, we’ve come up with the four questions you need to answer to make getting a 1300 number for your business easy.

How memorable does your number need to be?

There are two types of 1300 numbers that you may choose from, based on memorability. Normal issue numbers are random, pooled numbers that can be purchased directly from your provider. These are best if you’re looking for a number that’s more affordable for your customers to contact. Establish yourself as a professional, legitimate business minus the high price tag.

If high recall ability is a priority for you, consider Smartnumbers instead. These are patterned numbers (1300 50 10 50) or phonewords which spell out the letters on a telephone keypad (1 300 PLUMBER). This type of 1300 number helps customers recall your business name or the products or services you offer with just your number.

If you prefer a Smartnumber, give our solutions specialists a call at 1300 50 10 50. Our team will help you select from our pool of available numbers and assist you with acquiring the rights of use to your desired number.

What configuration does your business require?

The best part about having a 1300 number is the ability to route calls where it’s needed. You can choose to route to a single answering point within Australia. Or you can opt for several answer points based on state, region, area or exchange. You may also choose post-code prompting for callers calling from their mobile, or outside the area where they need service.

Another popular scheme is directing calls based on the time or day of the week. This works well for people who work on their own or with a dispersed team across the country. Time lists can be customised to forward calls to available staff during work hours. You can also utilise a live phone answering service after-hours or on weekends.

Are there other features you’d like to add?

Your 1300 number isn’t just a mere tool for connecting calls. Personalise it to create a better call experience for your customers. A Business Greeting service guarantees that all calls are answered the same way. Take this opportunity to give callers an introduction about who you are and what your business does through a professional voice recording that plays at the start of the call.

Make things easy for your callers by letting them choose the right department or person they need with a Call Forwarding IVR Menu. Give the best first impression possible when you minimise long holds and wrong transfers with this feature.

What should you look for in a provider?

There are a lot of telcos out there, but not all of them know how to use 1300 numbers to its full potential. To get the most bang out of your buck, choose an Australian specialist carrier that can create a custom solution for your business needs. Don’t be lured by extremely low rates that come with a lot of hidden charges in the fine print. Choose a plan that is straightforward, and provides you the best value for your money. If you’re ready to take your 1300 number search to the next level, give us a call at 1300 50 10 50 or start a chat below to get started today.