Running a home based business with 1300 numbers

Working from home has its ups and downs. On one hand, you’re your own boss and your 45-minute commute to work becomes a 30 second walk to your home office. On the other hand, the success or failure of your business rests solely on your shoulders. Thankfully, there are a number of phone services that can help you attract customers and be more productive. One good example is a 1300 number for your business.

Be professional with 1300 numbers

Build credibility for your home based business with 1300 numbers. While there is no reason to deceive customers about how big your brand truly is, there is still a need to show that you are capable of handling all kinds of projects and your size is not a deterrent to your work.

Your business 1300 number helps a great deal in showing new and potential customers that you mean big business. An Australia-wide number shows that you’re capable of catering to a larger base than your local area and intent to provide value for your customer’s money.

Make yourself available

Nothing says amateur more than unanswered calls. Technology has brought on an on-demand customer mentality which means when they want something, they want it now. The same goes for phone calls. Customers who decide to call a business are at a crucial point in the sales process. They’ve probably looked you up on the internet and have decided on the purchase. All that’s needed is a personal touch that will convert the sale.

How can your small business keep up? Easy. Just route calls to your 1300 number to multiple answering points. As a virtual number, you can direct calls to your mobile while you’re out on meetings or doing errands, or your landline when you’re at home. A time and day based routing scheme lets you choose where to direct calls according to your schedule, so you never have to miss a business call again.

Separate your work from your home life

Sticking to a schedule is often a challenge for entrepreneurs working from home. Proper management of time is essential to succeed and stay productive. This also means you have to learn when to step back from work and focus on your personal life, may it be family or friends. This may seem hard, especially when you think of the opportunities you may miss.

A home based business with 1300 numbers paired with a live answering service ensures that after-hours calls are answered by a professional operator as you would. This add-on service ensures that all calls you can’t answer is picked up and messages to you are forwarded via SMS and email.

Make the change today

Getting a 1300 number is easily one of the best decisions you can do for your business. As virtual numbers that direct to existing phone services, you don’t have to wait for new lines to be installed to get your service up and running. Call us up at 1300 50 10 50 or start a chat below, and 1300 Numbers Australia can have your 1300 number set up in as little as one business day!