Using 1300 number call analytics to your business advantage


Using 1300 Number Call Analytics to Your Business Advantage

Phone calls are one of the biggest factors that drives sales and revenue for businesses. The more phone leads you get, the more opportunity there is to make a sale. Though these calls are important, it’s impractical for an entrepreneur to listen to all of your business calls. So how can you get a better insight on who your customers are and how your staff is handling phone calls? The answer is call analytics.

What is 1300 Number Call Analytics?

Call analytics measures, monitors, and reports caller data from inbound phone channels like your 1300 number. This data is collected by telcos or large enterprises to monitor telephony services. As a business owner, this helps you build a forward thinking business by using available data to cater to your customer’s needs better. A call detail record typically includes a variety of call statistics that can give you an insight about your clients.

How can I use data from my 1300 numbers for business?

Good customer service is all about creating a customised experience for your callers. By identifying where your callers are calling from, you can adjust your 1300 call routing scheme to create an intuitive call experience for your customers.

Call volume lets you see the total number of calls for the month and compare it month to month. You can also find out how many of these are new queries and how many are return callers. Data on popular times and days of the week helps you make scheduling decisions so that you have enough staff to answer calls on busy days. You can also set service disruptions on slow days so that maintenance schedules won’t affect your sales too much.

Another challenge for businesses is finding out what’s working and what isn’t. Call analytics lets you track and collect marketing data that you can use to measure how effective your ad campaigns are. Using unique 1300 numbers for each ad helps you find out which ads are bringing paying customers to you and which are not. This way, you can make sound business decisions that will help you make and save money.

Gathered data can also help you train and give feedback to your staff. Call duration can be compared with your conversion or resolution rates to see if you are meeting targets. If you’re team isn’t, changes to your call process may be needed to make it easier for your staff to achieve one call resolutions and close more sales over the phone.

Where can I get my call detail summary?

1300 Numbers Australia collects and provides a copy of your call information for FREE. Simply access your self-managed web portal and click through our detailed call reports. All monthly summaries are stored online, making it easy for you to retrieve them when needed.

If you want to learn more about using your 1300 number call information for making business decisions, give us a call at 1300 50 10 50 or click Chat Now below.