4 ways to make your 1300 number work for you

Deciding on using a 1300 number is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Not only does it establish your business legitimacy, but also show customers that you are a professional in your chosen field. However, most businesses fail to maximise their number to its full potential.

There are several ways you could make the most out of your 1300 Number more than just advertising it. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Hit three birds with one stone

Make your web domain and your contact number the same. Why? Think about it, your audience is a highly distracted market. People are bombarded with high amounts of information and advertisements at any given time, so helping them remember you should be your marketing strategy’s top priority. Your phone number and your domain should spell out your service or your company name. Something like 1300 PIZZA and 1300pizza.com tells your customer 3 things in under 3 seconds—who you are, what product you offer, and how to contact you. Pretty neat huh?

Get customized

Routing to only one dedicated answer point is a thing of the past. Get the most out of your inbound number by customizing your routing configuration depending on your customer’s need. Choose to route calls to numbers based on geography, availability, or time of day; so that every call is answered by the most appropriate person every single time.

Mix and match

Some services work best when paired with other kinds of business communication solutions. Pairing your 1300 number with a live answering service helps you get the most out of both services.

Most start-ups begin with business owners that work on day jobs which is completely understandable. For most people, letting a relative answer the phone or hiring an employee is not a viable option at this early stage. A great alternative is to use a live answering service that will not only take messages for you, but also forward them via email and SMS in real time, so no business opportunity is ever missed.

Evaluate your call data

Take the time to do some call analytics before making important business decisions. Call data reports are great sources of information that can be applied in various aspects of your operation.

Thinking of expanding or relocating to a different state? Trace where your new and current business calls are coming from through call origin data. Thinking of getting an answering service? Determine what time would be most efficient for you by monitoring your call volume by time of day. You can make well-informed business decisions using information that’s been collected for you, for FREE!

Being business minded means continuously finding ways to utilise available resources to their fullest in order to gain the most profit. To better understand how you can make your 1300 number work for you, call us at 1300 50 10 50 to talk one of our business consultants today.